Teeth Grinding Treatment in Woodinville, WA

man in pain holding the side of his face I teeth grinding treatment in waSleep Well and Wake Up Rejuvenated! 

Are you bothered by a sore jaw, headaches, or neck and shoulder pain when you wake up? If so, you may be suffering from a condition known as bruxism, or teeth grinding. These symptoms often lead to a reduced quality of life, but our Woodinville dental office has treatment options that can protect your oral health and eliminate symptoms that get in the way of enjoying a full and happy life.

In most cases, Dr. Goel can provide effective relief from the annoying symptoms of bruxism by creating a custom-made night guard. This is an effective solution because it is designed to accommodate your unique dental bite, preventing upper and lower teeth from coming into contact. Since teeth grinding most often occurs during sleep, the night guard can prevent unconscious clenching, eliminating the constant pressure placed on teeth.

Why Is It Important to Stop Teeth Grinding?

The causes of bruxism are wide and varied but are most often the result of stress or misaligned teeth. Addressing the symptoms of bruxism is essential because this constant grinding and clenching causes excessive force that may damage and fracture teeth.

It also affects the muscles that support healthy jaw function. Constant clenching and grinding of the teeth not only causes painful symptoms but may also contribute to TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder.

Finding the Right Solution to Treat Symptoms of Bruxism

In order to properly address the symptoms, Dr. Goel will perform a thorough dental exam to evaluate conditions that may lead to teeth grinding. Bruxism can be caused by any one of a number of problems including misaligned teeth and TMJ, stress, anxiety, tension, poor posture, and sleep disorders.

Depending on the results of this evaluation, we may find that a night guard is all that is needed to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms. If stress seems to be the likely cause, simple stress management approaches like meditation and calming activities like walking or reading a book can have a positive effect and reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

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You don’t have to spend another day allowing the symptoms of teeth grinding to negatively impact your life.  Our convenient extended hours and financing plans make it easy to get the help you need.

We provide personalized care and will take every step necessary to find the solution that protects your oral health and eliminates unnecessary discomfort. If you find yourself asking the question, "Why do I grind my teeth at night?" please contact our Woodinville dental office so you can finally get the help you need.