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About Our Practice in Woodinville, WA

We love serving our patients here in the heart of wine country. There’s no denying how beautiful our town is, and many of our staff members enjoy feeling like we get to have a truly scenic drive to work every day.

However, did you know life in Woodinville can have a big impact on your dental health, too?

Hard water

Woodinville’s water is typically quite hard. This may be rough on your countertops or coffee makers, but it’s actually pretty good for your teeth. The high mineral content makes brushing more effective. It’s a bit like exfoliating the plaque away with tiny, harmless calcium beads.

In fact, if you have kids you may want to skip the water softener for now. We know it will mean decalcifying your faucets a little longer, but it’s really much better for your child’s dental health.

Woodinville gets its city water from Seattle, and Seattle does add fluoride. This means everyone who lives here already gets to enjoy a significant boost to their dental health.

The land of wine and coffee

Of course, as mentioned previously, Woodinville is quite famous for her vineyards. And with Seattle so close, there are plenty of outstanding coffee shops to choose from, too.

If you love indulging in either one of these treats we can’t blame you—but do be sure to keep an eye on the state of your teeth. Both beverages can leave persistent stains. While these stains don’t necessarily have a direct impact on your dental health they can nevertheless impact your confidence and the aesthetic quality of your smile.

If your teeth have grown yellowed or stained you do have options. Ask us about our tooth whitening services. Come visit us often if you’d like to “have your wine and drink it too”—getting all of the enjoyment without having to cope with any of the embarrassment.

Fully insured patients are hard to find in Woodinville.

There are a lot of people in Woodinville that don’t have access to any dental insurance. Many dentists won’t deal with uninsured patients, but we’ve decided to embrace the challenge. We don’t believe in denying people access to lifelong oral health just because they’re having trouble finding an affordable dental plan.

We publish our fee structure openly so you know what to expect. We also offer an In-House Dental Plan you can use to save money on your care. This makes it very easy work regular dental appointments into your normal monthly budget.

Getting here

We’re on 140th avenue close to 522 and 202. We’re within convenient reach of Woodinville High School. Look for us in the same shopping center as Teddy's Bigger Burgers



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