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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canals & Tooth Extractions

How can we help you?

It is important to us that your questions about oral health care are answered completely. On this page we've provided answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently. If you have a question that's not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Root Canals & Tooth Extractions

Yes we do! Acute dental pain that comes on suddenly is a problem we take seriously, and we are there to help you in a timely fashion. Here is a list of problems that are recognized as dental emergencies.
Woman in pain holding her face l Emergency dentist in Woodinville WA

Dental Emergencies Woodin Creek Dental Can Help You With

An accident leading to a broken tooth
Unexplained pimple or abscess in your gums
Sudden tooth pain with or without swelling
A toothache that causes radiating sharp pain. 
Loss of a filling, crown, or veneer, especially if it is in the cosmetic zone, leading to an unsightly appearance.

Contact Woodin Creek Dental 

Depending on the emergency, immediate treatment can often prevent further damage, and may mean the difference between saving or losing the tooth. If you have a dental emergency, contact our Bothell dental office immediately, and we will do everything to work you into the schedule and treat you with the care you deserve. 



It really depends on the type of oral surgery you had and how complicated it is (for example, was the tooth impacted, or was it loose and wiggly?). Your general health will also play a big role. Also if you are a smoker, you will have delayed healing, as smoking can inhibit the wound healing process. Usually, after an extraction you can expect some pain and swelling for 24-72 hours. If the extraction is a more complicated surgical extraction, these symptoms may persist for several more days, with full healing potentially taking several weeks, or rarely, a whole month. We will provide you with appropriate medications  as well as post op instructions after the surgery. Taking the medications as well as following the post op instructions will promote faster healing with less complications.

Our goal is to help you with your dental needs in a stress free setting, we understand your general fear of tooth extractions, and are well trained to help you overcome it. Please contact us at 425-947-2727 if you have any questions!

Having a tooth extracted can be a nerve wracking experience. Fortunately, we offer sedation to make the experience much better. The doctors at Woodin Creek Dental work hard to preserve your teeth, however, sometimes a tooth can’t be saved, and it needs to be extracted in order to help you maintain good oral health. We are very experience with extractions and have many methods to make the experience tolerable. Both of our doctors are gentle and adept at giving anesthetic. Nitrous Oxide is a simple and effective type of sedation that calms you down with no side effects. Oral conscious sedation can be used to effectively treat severe dental anxiety. What we do is prescribe an anti-anxiety pill that you take before the appointment. If we use this in tandem with Nitrous Oxide, we can provide a very effective sedation that is enough for almost all anxious or fearful patients. 

 Please contact our Woodinville dental office for more information about the ways in which we can help you deal with your fears.

A root canal is necessary to treat an infected tooth. There are a number of signs that might indicate you need a root canal:

  • A toothache that goes from bad to excruciating.
  • A tooth that is dark in color.
  • Gums that are tender or swollen around one specific tooth.

It is also possible to have a fever from the infection and a general feeling of malaise.

The good news is that the fear many people feel when they find out they need a root canal is unnecessary. With today’s modern dentistry, getting a root canal is really no worse than getting a cavity filled.

How Does A Root Canal Procedure Work?

When you undergo the root canal procedure, your dentist will drill a tiny hole in your tooth. Using special dental tools, the pulp and bacteria in the root of the tooth will be removed. The area will be flushed with an antibacterial solution to keep the infection from spreading before the root is filled and plugged. In most cases, a dental crown is placed on the remaining tooth structure to strengthen it and prevent breakage.

Contact Woodin Creek Dental

For more information on root canals in Woodinville, WA, contact Woodin Creek Dental. A root canal will relieve your symptoms and give you back full function of your tooth.

At Woodin Creek Dental, our highest priority is to make sure that all your teeth stay whole and healthy so that they provide you with a lifetime of use. But circumstances do occur that make extraction of a tooth necessary. However there are few reason where tooth extraction may be necessary 

Possible reasons:
Advanced decay that has damaged the tooth beyond repair
Severe periodontal disease that cannot be eliminated 
Impacted Wisdom Teeth that are compromising the health of the gums and the neighboring teeth
Teeth growing in at odd angles, adversely affecting the alignment of your jaw. 
Dental trauma that has broken a tooth beyond repair
To make room for orthodontic treatment
Sometimes baby teeth need to be pulled to make room for the adult teeth to grow in. 
We understand how challenging tooth extraction can be for anyone. Our kind, caring team and gentle sedation options will make your procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Please contact our Woodinville office  for more information or to make a convenient appointment.

We understand that the idea of your child having a tooth extracted can be very stressful. As parents, your priority is to keep your child happy, healthy, and free from any unpleasantness.

Dr. Goel and the team at Woodin Creek Dental always have your child’s best interest and comfort in mind during any treatment. Extractions can be difficult for anyone, and particularly for children who may not be able to understand what is happening to them.

You have our assurance that we will always use the most conservative approach when it comes to any dental treatment. If we recommend that your child have a tooth extracted, it means that it is the only option available to make sure that their oral health is protected.

It may be that your child has a baby tooth that is preventing the permanent tooth from erupting properly. It is far easier for us to remove the baby tooth now, so that we can avoid having to deal with misaligned teeth later.

At Woodin Creek Dental, we value the trust you place in us for your child’s oral health care. We will always discuss all alternatives with you so that you understand exactly why we recommend certain procedures.

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