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Why do I need to have my tooth extracted?

At Woodin Creek Dental, our highest priority is to make sure that all your teeth stay whole and healthy so that they provide you with a lifetime of use. But circumstances do occur that make extraction of a tooth necessary. However there are few reason where tooth extraction may be necessary 

Possible reasons:
Advanced decay that has damaged the tooth beyond repair
Severe periodontal disease that cannot be eliminated 
Impacted Wisdom Teeth that are compromising the health of the gums and the neighboring teeth
Teeth growing in at odd angles, adversely affecting the alignment of your jaw. 
Dental trauma that has broken a tooth beyond repair
To make room for orthodontic treatment
Sometimes baby teeth need to be pulled to make room for the adult teeth to grow in. 
We understand how challenging tooth extraction can be for anyone. Our kind, caring team and gentle sedation options will make your procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Please contact our Woodinville office  for more information or to make a convenient appointment.
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