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Tooth extraction scares me! How can you help?

Having a tooth extracted can be a nerve wracking experience. Fortunately, we offer sedation to make the experience much better. The doctors at Woodin Creek Dental work hard to preserve your teeth, however, sometimes a tooth can’t be saved, and it needs to be extracted in order to help you maintain good oral health. We are very experience with extractions and have many methods to make the experience tolerable. Both of our doctors are gentle and adept at giving anesthetic. Nitrous Oxide is a simple and effective type of sedation that calms you down with no side effects. Oral conscious sedation can be used to effectively treat severe dental anxiety. What we do is prescribe an anti-anxiety pill that you take before the appointment. If we use this in tandem with Nitrous Oxide, we can provide a very effective sedation that is enough for almost all anxious or fearful patients. 

 Please contact our Woodinville dental office for more information about the ways in which we can help you deal with your fears.

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