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Do Dr Goel and Dr Chiang treat children?

Yes we do! Dr. Goel and Dr. Chiang have years of experience working with very young children. Our office has a kid’s play zone to keep your child busy. Pediatric dentistry requires a certain skill set and our dental team are trained to help young children feel comfortable so that they can enjoy the dental appointment and be encouraged to take care of their oral health. The main goal is to establish proper oral hygiene and dental care for your child’s lifetime. If we can make the first few appointments stress free and enjoyable, the more likely it is they will grow to see dental appointments as a positive event. We encourage you to bring your child in for regular exams, in order for us to monitor the development of their teeth.

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This way we can detect problems early on and intervene. Most importantly, we want to ensure that your child does not associate trips to the dentist with pain and misery. So it’s important to make those first few experiences great ones! Call our Woodinville, WA dental office today at (425)-947-2727 to ensure you child has a great first step in their smile journey!

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