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Do you recomend fluoride treatments for my child?

At Woodin Creek Dental, we believe fluoride to be essential towards protecting your child’s teeth. Fluoride can be found in the public water supply as well as in certain fruits and vegetables.

Establish Regular Dental Exams And Dental Cleanings

But depending on your area of residency (residents in rural locations live off well water as opposed to public) as well as your child’s susceptibility towards decay, your child may need additional topical fluoride treatments. It’s important to establish regular exams and cleanings so Dr. Goel and Dr. Chiang can keep a close watch on decay development as well as risk.

Call Our Woodinville, WA Dental Office

They will determine if the topical application of fluoride is appropriate for your child. We love working on children and helping them develop perfect dental health, please call our dental team to arrange for a dental appointment in Woodinville, WA today!

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