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How can I keep my child’s teeth healthy?

At Woodin Creek Dental, we always advise continuing care (checkups and exams) for your child. That way, Dr. Chiang and Dr. Goel and detect problems before they grow and cause permanent damage to your child’s teeth. We have flexible hours and well-trained staff so we can often see all your children on the same day, to make it more convenient for you.

Maintain Oral Health At Home

The best defense against oral problems is good home-care oral hygiene, routine dental exams, and professional cleanings. As mentioned above, kids need to learn proper hygiene habits at a young age, to ensure good habits as adults. Regular brushing and flossing is essential. They will probably need your help up until around age 8. If your child insists on brushing herself, check to make sure they are doing a proper job. It is not unusual for kids to not properly brush their back teeth (harder to reach).

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