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What is a Dental Night Guard? And Why Did You Recommend It?

April 17, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Evan Chiang & Dr. Yogesh Goel
Woman with Jaw Pain | Woodin Creek Dental

Have you recently noticed tooth pain or sensitivity? Do you wake up with pain in your head, neck, or shoulders? Does your jaw hurt when you open and close your mouth? 

All these symptoms may be related to a chronic teeth grinding or clenching habit called bruxism. But in many cases, your dentist can treat teeth grinding in Woodinville, WA, using a customized night guard to relieve these symptoms and protect your teeth from damage.

What Is a Dental Night Guard?

You may also hear a nightguard referred to as an occlusal splint or bite guard, and its purpose is to relieve the painful symptoms of teeth grinding. All these devices work the same way – they prevent the upper and lower jaw from coming into contact, which makes it impossible to grind your teeth.

How Does a Night Guard Stop Teeth Grinding?

Since teeth grinding also places excessive stress on the jaw joint (TMJ), a customized night guard worn while you sleep gives the joint a chance to rest and recover. But an even greater problem associated with bruxism is the dental damage that occurs. Without treatment, teeth grinding and clenching can lead to worn, cracked, or broken teeth.

Please Call Us for a Consultation

If you’ve been waking up with muscle aches or pain your jaw and shoulders, you may be grinding your teeth without knowing it. Our dentists provide customized teeth grinding treatment in Woodinville, WA that minimizes the effects of teeth grinding and reduce discomfort. 

Please call Woodin Creek Dental if you notice any of the above symptoms. Our dentists will look for signs of dental wear and evaluate your dental bite. If we find evidence of teeth grinding, we will fit you with a customized night guard to provide the relief you need.

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July 23, 2019
What Is Bruxism?

Do you wake up with pain in your face or jaw? Both are signs that you may have a teeth grinding habit that's also referred to as bruxism. 

This is a destructive habit, and most often occurs during sleep, so you may not be aware that you’re doing it. But your dentist will see the signs and can offer simple teeth grinding treatment in Woodinville, WA to relieve your pain and protect your teeth from damage. 

Signs That You Have a Teeth Grinding Habit

If you routinely experience any of the following, there’s a good chance that you’re bruxing. 

  • Facial pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Earaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Broken or chipped teeth

Even if these symptoms aren’t obvious enough to alert you to a problem, ...

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