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How Dental Sealants Significantly Reduce Your Child's Risk of Cavities

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If asked which childhood disease is most common, one might guess asthma, hay fever, or the common cold.

So you might be surprised to learn that kids are five times more likely to get cavities than they are asthma or hay fever. Estimates say that 42 percent of kids between ages 2 and 11 have had cavities in their baby teeth.

Fortunately, part of pediatric dentistry in Woodinville, WA is the application of protective dental sealants.

Dental Sealants Promote a Healthy Smile

Conscientious oral hygiene and semi-annual checkups for your child does a lot to minimize their risk of decay. But even with your best efforts, it can be difficult to keep teeth like molars and premolars clean because their surfaces contain deep grooves that collect bacteria and lead to decay.

For these teeth, your dentist recommends dental sealants as an effective way to protect these teeth. A sealant is a thin protective coating of plastic that is applied to the chewing surface of these teeth and acts as a protective barrier to seal out the bacteria that cause decay.

In fact, sealants are so effective that The Centers for Disease Control reports that

  • Sealants minimize your child’s risk for decay by 80 percent for two years.
  • For the next four years, sealants block out about 50 percent of cavities
  • Without sealants, kids between the ages of 6 and are three times more likely to get cavities than kids who do have them.

How Sealants are Applied

Applying dental sealants is easy and non-invasive so you don’t have to worry about your child’s comfort during the procedure:

  • Before the sealant’s applied, your dentist cleans and dries the tooth’s surface.
  • Next your dentist applies an etching acid that roughens the surface and helps the sealant adhere to the tooth.
  • Your dentist cleans the tooth again, and applies the sealant to the tooth’s chewing surface where it bonds to the teeth and hardens. 

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