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3 Smart Ways to Address Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Plenty of adults suffer from dental anxiety, so it’s no surprise that there are children out there who also have an innate fear of the dentist. Because dental visits are essential to protecting the oral health of your kids, it’s important that you address this issue rather than just avoiding trips to the dentist.

Here are some recommendations from your Woodinville, WA pediatric dentist:

1. Make Visits to the Dentist a Part of the Normal Routine from an Early Age

Sometimes we see older children who are frightened of the dentist primarily because it is still unfamiliar to them. Older kids who haven’t seen a dentist office can find it to be a very strange place. For this reason, we recommend that kids come to the dentist early—as soon as their first birthday or when their first teeth erupt. Getting children used to the sights and sounds of the dental office early on pays big dividends later.

2. Schedule Routine Visits Rather than Just Coming in When There Is a Problem

We don’t want children to equate visiting the dentist to some kind of painful procedure. We know that sometimes a tooth might need to be filled, but when kids are already used to coming in for examinations and cleanings, the anxiety surrounding any kind of treatment is markedly reduced.

3. Use Distractions as Needed

There is nothing wrong with using distractions for kids who are young. Bringing along a favorite toy or blanket can go a long way toward diminishing anxiety at the dentist.

Make an Appointment for Your Child Today

Don’t put off your child’s first visit to the dentist because his or her oral healthcare seems fine. Establishing good dental visit habits today often means a lifetime of regular visits to the dentist and better oral health as a result. Your pediatric dentist at Woodin Creek Dental in Woodinville, WA enjoys working with children and helping to put them at ease in the dental chair. Call us today to make an appointment for your child’s first visit to the dentist! 

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