Our office will be closed for the coming weeks due to COVID-19 but we will be available for emergency appointments if need be. Please give our office a call today if you are experiencing a dental emergency or would like to schedule an appointment after the closure. 
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Your First Visit

What to Expect at the First Appointment

Our primary goal at Woodin Creek Dental, during the first appointment, is to get to you know you and to figure out what your goals are, both short term and long term. We truly believe that optimal dental care is a collaborative effort between the doctor and the patient. 

For instance, some patients may want to makeover their entire smile and are ready to go the distance towards making their dream a reality. In contrast, other patients are perfectly content with what they have and want us to help them maintain the current status of their oral health. 

Prevention and Conservative Dental Treatment

Regardless of what a patient's goals are, we emphasize prevention and conservative dental treatments, as well as the elimination of any diseased states early on, before they have a chance to progress into the chronic stages, which can be difficult and expensive to treat. 

Personalized Treatment Plans at Woodin Creek Dental

At the first appointment, we will make a treatment plan for you that takes into account your current pre-existing conditions, as well as your goals/desires. We will also prioritize the treatment plan accordingly. Our treatment coordinators will also discuss financial options/planning to ensure that lack of finances is not an obstacle in getting the dental treatment you deserve.

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